What you'll Learn

What you'll Learn!

Ah, you're here! That must mean you are eager to start learning how to create a cutting-edge website using Wix.

In this course, you will learn everything from Picking a Plan to Publishing your website. Things I will cover are:

  • Picking a Plan: Picking the right plan for your website is essential. Wix plans include many features that you may and may not need. The right plan determines the functionality of your site.
  • Site Types: There are commonly three kinds of websites on the net. There are eCommerce sites, Blog sites, and Portfolios. While you can combine the three, this is how you refer to your site's primary function.
  • Understanding Editor Components: Knowing how to navigate your Wix backend and Editor is the groundwork of getting your site done. When you know how to find your way around, you have a better chance at completing your website.
  • Setting Up the Backend, Buying and connecting your domain name.
  • Setting your site's mobile version.
  • Connecting your payment methods
  • Creating Forms
  • Collecting Subscribers
  • Publishing Site
  • and More

I will cover all basis and leave nothing out!